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Sunday, December 23, 2007 @ 7:30 PM

hokay i admit.

i am a VERY lazy fellow. all those who agree please hands up! enough to form kallang wave already =X

it's been a month or something after A's! thanks to zhiyun for helping me cut my taxi costs during that period! =D oh but i can't help but think, (constantly!), did i do well? i will NOT be able to take it when the results are out. imagine waiting to see mrs leo (or whoever your teacher is), and when you finally do, in 10 seconds you'll probably know how your life+future will be mapped out. just like that. click. snap. i feel like throwing up.

HOKAY! throw that picture into the pile of notes you've neglected since A's ended! grr.

WHERE IS MY PROM DVD! twelve dollars leh! cheat my money.you people promised to bring it to bishan mrt for me!

prom was indeed a cool experience. from the shopping, to the night itself, i had alot of fun! after combing shopping malls for days, i got to know how girls get their exercise from shopping. but it was fun! and it was a chance for me to spend more time with the people i miss most right now. like i always say, it's the company =)

oh and thanks to all you guys for helping me make up my mind throughout the whole shopping experience! hey who has the photos of martin in... SKINNY PANTS! please please please upload on classblog! i think everyone should see how errrr... TIGHT martin's ass is! then you'll know what is qian2 tu1 hou4 qiao4! =D

anyways, on prom day i woke up with a fever! i rushed down to the doctor's and got an injection first thing in the morning, and then went to meet up with cherngchu and changboon to go make our hair. yingqun and martin came later. poor yingqun already begging his hair to kuai4 gao1 zhang3 da4, the hairstylist still went to cut it! don't worry lar yingqun, nobody say not nice! =D

after that we all went back to rifeng's house to prepare for prom. we bathed, groomed, and after crowding the toilet and using up every square inch of rifeng's tolet mirror (martin took up the bottom half, the rest of us take up the other half =D high five nengjie!), finally, prom!

it was so fun ADMIRING the girls' make up =D kk, prom night cannot be narrated wan, so let's see some pictures from my super duper TWO MEGAPIXEL nokia camera arh!

this is me, rifeng and zhexi, AND PROM KING! =D

here's changboon, yingqun (ultra short hair! kuai4 gao1 zhang3 da4!) and 06S66's beloved mrs leo!

here's mrs leo and most of the guys in my class! there's zhexi cherngchu prom-king-jaryll nengjie martin meiyuan rifeng and me!

here's me and my kfc-best-buddy-meal partner, wong eugene! and he forms part of THIS (see below) rocking group playing on stage!

okay lar wth cannot see their faces.

here's a very nice photo of the so-called "4 da4 mei3 nu3s" in my class, serene huixin zhiyun and biqing, and me! biqing the bride! =D

and here's our table! for more photos, go to our class website! after prom night, we took cabs down to clarke quay there but we didn't go into attica. i don't know about the rest, but those kind of noisy overcrowded alcoholic lifestyles isn't for me. i had a 10 dollar fruit punch when we went to forbidden city (10 dollars can buy me a tonne of fruits lar) but i was sick lar, so i couldn't share that jug of whatever-beer-they-ordered-at-forbidden-city with them. after that, we headed to rifeng house where we watched chuck and larry (i fell asleep on the sofa) and left first thing the next morning.

post prom. cherngchu and xingzhou left singapore separately =( we had farewell dinners with them.

then we had our class xmas party with the junior class at jaryll's condo! hokay there was only a third of them.but we still had fun! we had dinner, played games, watched man u vs liverpool (WHICH MAN U WON) and some of us stayed overnight to watch arsenal vs chelsea.we played mahjong and winning eleven, and finally fell asleep by 5 something.i grabbed the sofa =D

here's our photo! 07S66 (the smartest) and 06S66 (the funnest). who's that aunty in front of jaryll???

that's us during games. i'm thinking damn hard.

EH EH EH DON'T JEALOUS OF ME! =D with the 4 queens - queen of clubs, queen of diamonds, queen of hearts and queen of spades! EH WHERE'S THE QUEEN OF AUNTIES!

why is rifeng so happy! =P
oh i forgot to blog about our class chalet! we had so much fun watching dvds, playing cards, going to the old changi hospital (maodun and xingzhou were so super scared all their noises and squeezing around made the place not scary anymore), riding bikes to changi airport, looking at man-girls (danny the man-girl magnet!), barbecueing and everything!

in case you're wondering, the one behind that frisbee is maodun!

i miss my class so much =( we love our 06S66 =) i'm so glad i had the chance to experience and share the ups (every single moment, no matter how small, that made us smile) and downs (i wonder why we're always in the bottom 5) with this wonderful group of people. i hope we'll have more outings soon.

huixin, yes, you are that auntie earlier, don't need to wonder anymore =D

between now and then,
till i see you again,
i'll be loving you,
love, me.

our class's fave song, i think =)


listen listen...